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Russky Technopark together with the Government of Primorsky Krai launched the grant program for startups

관리자 2020.07.28 10:29

Russky Technopark together with the Government of Primorsky Krai

launched the grant program for startups

Press release 27 July 2020

In spring 2020, Russky Technopark with the support of the Primorsky Krai Government launched the “Primorsky Start” grant competition in frames of the “Economic Development and Innovative Economy of Primorsky Krai” program. Organized by Russky Technopark in cooperation with such partners as "My business" Centre, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), and Skolkovo Foundation, the “Primorsky Start” program is aimed at stimulating technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. This program, launched for the first time, was designed to support local entrepreneurs who develop innovative technologies and promote them as commercial products on the regional market.

“We are ready to stimulate the development of new breakthrough technologies and innovative approaches that are necessary for Primorsky Krai. The regional government possesses a lot of products under preferential treatment, so we are open to new projects and ready to provide assistance in their implementation”, - said Vera Shcherbina, Chairperson of the Primorsky Krai Government.

The “Primorsky Start” program is focused in the following spheres: IT and Telecommunications, Medical Technology, Chemistry and New Materials, New Industrial Technology, Biotechnology and Agricultural Industry, Energy and Energy Efficiency, Nuclear Technology, Clean Technology, and Marine Resources.

“Based at FEFU, Russky Technopark creates a unique ecosystem for implementing innovative projects and startups. I believe that the “Primorsky Start” program is a great opportunity to launch new student and entrepreneurial projects and, and is a reasonable step undertaken after the "The Open Innovations Startup Tour" held at FEFU this January”, - said Nikita Anisimov, FEFU President.

Since the launch of the program, Russky Technopark has received more than 100 applications from regional companies and startups. The most promising ideas will be presented by the participants to the expert panel at the final stage of the grant competition in the end of August 2020. As a result, the “Primorsky Start” program will provide a total of 20 million rubles (about 280,000 US dollars) to regional high-tech companies, giving each of the 10 winners up to 2 million rubles (about 28,000 US dollars).


Russky Technopark (RU TechPark) is designed to create the ecosystem of technology entrepreneurship in order to ensure the innovative development of the entire Russian Far East, and to assist Russian hi-tech companies in entering the promising Asia-Pacific markets. Established pursuant to the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Technopark is based at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky Island in Vladivostok. Since 2020, Russky Technopark has become the regional operator of Skolkovo Foundation, maximizing its value for more than 75 resident companies. Most of the residents represent IT cluster, but there is a number of prominent projects in other clusters too, such as Biotech, Robotech, Energytech and etc. Besides that, Russky Technopark is actively engaged in the work with students through the “Startup as Diploma” program and FEFU Student Tech & Innovation Center.