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[Focus on Asian Company] Asis Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. (ICT / Turkey)

관리자 2020.07.23 16:39

Company Overview

ASIS was established in 2007, based in Istanbul and with a focus on providing Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS). They are one of the most proven system providers in the World with more than 85 projects. ASIS have executed numerous projects in 12 different countries so far and operating various sizes of automated fare collection systems in public transport to provide the best service to governmental authorities and the end users. They are expending their solutions into Smart City focused technologies.


Automated Fare Collection System

VAL5M6 is a collection device with high security features and full peripherals used in Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS) at points/places such as public transportation vehicles, museums, theme parks, car parks, canteens and cafeterias. It has high speed card reading and collection features that minimize user wait times. In addition, it offers peripherals appropriate to the innovations brought about by developing technology.

Driver Control Panel

The recent developments in the AFC system has shown that the driver control panel is turning to a key element in the AFC board equipment for the public transport. The driver awareness of the events, happening on the board, is being increasingly appreciated. The expectation is for comfortable, in time management and full control over the situation, while being disturbed at minimum and leaving the driver to carry out comfortably his main duty - driving the bus.

Passenger Information Systems

An LCD or LED passenger information system is a modern technology application used in public transportation. It informs passengers that are waiting at the stop/station about details such as the bus service line numbers and the expected time that they will arrive at the stop/station. Smart stops/stations perform an essential and highly needed function in public transportation systems by aiming to minimize wait times for passengers using public transportation. In hectic and congested cities, life is made easier by allowing passengers to choose their mode of transportation by taking into consideration live estimated arrival times.

Contact Information

Address. İstanbul Üniversitesi Avcılar Yerleşkesi Üniversite

Mah. Sarıgül Sok. 37/1 A Blok 34320 Avcılar / İstanbul TR

Tel. (+90) 212 855 5484

Fax. (+90) 212 855 6228