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Annual Conference

The 19th ASPA Annual Conference (2015 / Japan)

Nov 8-11, 2015
Kawasaki, Japan
STPs towards Global Platforms for Sustainable Development by Diverse Human Eco-Networks - Let’s take off for future and create our prosperity!
Kanagawa Science Park
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The 19th ASPA 2015 Conference

8th to 11th November 2015

Kanagawa Science Park, Japan

"STPs towards Global Platforms for Sustainable Development by Diverse Human Eco-Networks - Let's take off for future and create our prosperity!"


In the wave of globalization, economy and industrial activities are performed beyond the framework of a nation. Especially, the development of economy and industrial activities in Asia is fast and expanding. For further industrial and economic advancement, the sustainable development of STPs is required. In order to realize the sustainable development of STPs, we have to recognize the Asian diversity and the importance of human environment conscious networks among the ASPA members.

Anyone is born and living under different environment around us, i.e, home, working place, region, tradition, culture, religion and nation. The great diversity of this human environment produces diverse sense of values. Interactions among diverse sense of values are indispensable to stimulate personal creativity and intuition for new ideas and innovation.

The formation of the diverse human environment conscious networks=Eco Networks is an essential way for STPs to be global platforms for sustainable development.

In the 19th ASPA 2015 Conference, Japan, we suggest the following theme:

"STPs towards Global Platforms for Sustainable Development by Diverse Human Eco-Networks - Let's take off for future and create our prosperity!"

Dr. Hirohisa Uchida

President and CEO, KSP, Inc.

Conference Program (tentative)


Conference Venue

Kanagawa Science Park (KSP)

The Kanagawa Science Park, conveniently located 15 kilometers south of central Tokyo is the first urban-type science park in Japan. KSP houses numerous R&D departments of large companies and foreign affiliates. These companies employ approximately 5,300 people, including engineers, researchers and business persons. KSP is one of the largest science parks in Japan.

KSP is fully equipped with not only research laboratories with advanced specifications for R&D, but also with communication facilities such as meeting rooms, multipurpose event halls, and amenities such as a hotel, restaurants, and public green open spaces. Research support facilities, such as the Materials Characterization Center, allow for collaboration of analytical research and technical consultations.

KSP, an ideal place for the R&D oriented businesses, will move forward to become a platform for global innovation.

Kanagawa Prefecture is located next to Tokyo. Access to the area is excellent because of its proximity to Tokyo International Airport—commonly known as Haneda Airport—as well as the Tokaido Shinkansen Line and Tomei Expressway, which both run through Kanagawa Prefecture and connect Tokyo and Osaka.
Kanagawa is also considered part of the Tokyo metropolitan region, which accounts for a third of Japan’s population and 37 percent of its economy. Bolstered by industries that possess sophisticated technological capabilities as well as a large human resource pool, Kanagawa enjoys constant growth and offers much that will appeal to businesses.


Kawasaki City is a vibrant metropolis of 1.4 million people, and one of the main cities forming the Greater Tokyo Area, along with Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama in the surrounding Kanto region. Located on the south bank of the Tama River, Kawasaki City has excellent connections by land, sea and air, with convenient access to Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) that serves as a major domestic and international gateway.


Contact Information

Kanagawa Science Park (KSP)

Adress: 304, Innovation Center Building West Wing, KSP 3-2-1 Sakado,

Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-City, Kanagawa 213-0012, Japan

Tel: +81-44-819-2001

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