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The 18th ASPA Annual Conference (2014 / Islamic Republic of Iran)

Oct 15-18, 2014
Science and technology Parks : Innovation & Commercialization Opportunities in the Conceptual Age
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ASPA 2014 Annual International Conference
Islamic Republic of Iran


The 18th ASPA Annual International Conference is going to be held in beautiful and cultural city of Shiraz, Iran on Oct. 15 through 18. The host organization, Fars Science and Technology Park (FSTP) is well known as one of the first STPs in Iran and west ASIA and have participated in ASPA activities since 2011. We warmly invite all the related people in the field of STPs to the conference which will be one of the worlds most advanced science and technology meeting!
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Conference Theme: Science and technology Parks - Innovation & Commercialization Opportunities in the Conceptual Age

Over the last few centuries, we have moved from the Agricultural Age underpinned by farmers to the Industrial Age underpinned by factory workers. The last few decades were a transit lounge out of the Industrial Age and were essentially about the consolidation of the new Information Age underpinned by knowledge workers. The next wave is going to be characterized by the Creative or Conceptual Age underpinned by creators, imaginers and empathizers.
With the emergence of cross domain disciplines like outsourcing, we are witnessing a trend towards creative knowledge, rational application, and innovation. We are now progressing from an era that was information-dependent towards the era that revolves around
concept development. This age, referred to as the Conceptual Age, will be dominated by six new senses: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. While Design, Play, and Meaning will be the prime senses for corporate outsourcing, Story, Symphony, and Empathy will be the potential senses for personal cooperation.
Networking and exchange of ideas about STPs opportunities in conceptual age is a key to collaboration, funding, employment and other professional benefits. Discussions and sharing different experiences on this topic is the main goal of the conference theme.

Conference Topics:

1. Role of STPs and incubation centers in the conceptual age

Science and Technology Parks (STPs) play a key role in modern economic development and innovation. As it has been proven in many countries and regions around the world, the development of successful STP initiatives has resulted in significant social improvements and in essential economic growth. STPs can significantly enhance the competitiveness of companies and entrepreneurs within their cities and regions, as well as contributing to global economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Because of their specialization, STPs can contribute to new role in the conceptual age. How is this best done? What should STPs change in their organizational structures and strategies to make this happen effectively?

2. Innovation networks: role of STPs in the conceptual age

In the conceptual age, the science and technology parks could become central actors in networking system for innovation; they could increase the number of linkages and increase the diversity of ties and partners. Consequently, the different kinds of collaboration and actor involve in inter-organizational system could increase knowledge, critic mass, capabilities and innovation output. How can these networks drive further economic development and stimulate the creation of new businesses?

3. Management of regional innovation clusters

STP is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture and diffusion of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge?based institutions. How management of STPs is strategic factors for regional development?

4. Review of STPs status in future regional development

Nowadays, STPs generally represent a kind of publicprivate partnerships that are designed to foster knowledge flows, mainly among park firms, as well as between these firms and external R&D institutions, and thus improve regional economic growth. To predict the status of the STPs in the future, a comprehensive review must be done.

5. Importance of open innovation and creativity in the conceptual age

Innovation and creativity are the processes of bringing something new into being and it requires passion and commitment. Creativity is the main characteristics of the conceptual age. What strategies should STPs adopt to attract and engage open innovation and creativity?

6. Commercialization and business models for innovative products

Commercialization is broadly defined as the process of developing a business enterprise from an idea, through feasibility and implementation, to its acceptance into a market. How STPs and other areas of innovation can secure a leading role in the commercialization processes?

Important Dates

Call for contributions

05 March 2014

Abstract submission deadline

05 May 2014

Notification of abstract acceptance

05 June 2014

Submission of full paper deadline

20 July 2014

Notification to authors

20 August 2014


Mini-symposiums related to the commercialization of the new technologies will be organized during the conference. The topics of these mini-symposiums are listed below:
1) Commercialization of innovative nanotechnology products
2) Commercialization of innovative biotechnology products
3) Commercialization of green aviation technologies
4) Commercialization of innovative information technology ideas
5) Commercialization of innovative energy products

Sponsorship Opportunities

The ASPA 2014 is one of the worlds most advanced science and technology conference. A number of different sponsorship options are available. As a sponsor you can choose a sponsorship package that suits your needs and preferences. Each sponsor will receive a valuable range of benefits within each specified sponsorship package. Then we invite you to be our sponsor in any level that you like. See more at:

General Information

Shiraz is one of Iran's five largest cities located in Fars province. The city is at an altitude of 1486 meter above the sea level and enjoys a temperate climate. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, gardens and flowers. The crafts of Shiraz consist of inlaid mosaic work of triangular design; silver-ware; carpet-weaving, and the making of the rugs called gilim (Shiraz Kilim) and "jajim" in the cities and villages.
The garden is an important part of Iranian culture. There are many old gardens in Shiraz such as the Eram garden and the Afif abad garden.
The other most famous attraction of Shiraz is Persepolis (UNESCO heritage) the most glorious souvenir of Iran which can be considered and this ancient land for thousands of years as a symbol of the capability of our people and this monument is admired by those who visit it.

Shiraz Touristic Sites:

Shiraz Weather: One of the best times to visit Shiraz will be October when the average temperatures are between a pleasant 10°C / 50°F and 28°C / 82°F. October in Shiraz is mild and bright.


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