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Welcome New Director of Bandung Techno Park!

관리자 2022.03.25 11:08

Welcome New Director of Bandung Techno Park

Dr. Koredianto Usman, an academic staff and lecturer of Telkom University, appointed

as a director of Bandung Techno Park.

ASPA Secretariat would like to congratulate his inauguration on behalf of all the ASPA members.

H e has introduced the Business Incubator at Telkom University, as a campus superior facility in

student development in the field of digital start-ups.

His active role for supporting start-up incubation and knowledge sharing between universities are

expected, and ASPA Secretariat hopes that he can make opportunities to share his exchange his

ideas and experience of business incubation with experts from various innovation subjects at the

ASPA's upcoming activities.