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[Focus on Asian Company] E-wireligner Co., Ltd. (Korea / medical&healthcare)

관리자 2022.02.21 16:27

E-wireligner Introduction

E-WIRE (E-wireligner) is a Korean specialist in orthodontic wire established in 2016.

The company was an early laboratory startup based on university technology established on clinical experience and academic achievements.

They have been studying ways to reduce pain during the orthodontic treatment and to fix problems based on a wire without brackets.

For who has diastema, for who has crooked teeth, for who has buck teeth, E-WIRE gives an easier and a sure solution to cure these cases.

E-WIRE guarantee less pain and higher satisfaction with only a wire.

Main Product

E-WIRE Technology

*Example of using coating wire and positioner


E-WIRE recently sigend MOU with DETEC, a dental product supplier in Vietnam.

E-WIRE firstly met DETEC by participating in Korea-Vietnam online business meeting hosted by ASPA in 2020, they are now facing a conclusion of an exclusive sales contract. It is expected that E-WIRE will build a good relationship with DETEC in the future and can get a fruitful outcome in the business.

DETEC is a leading dental joint stock company established in 1998 under the name of Vude Dental Lab.

With more than 24 years of experience in the research, development and application of fine materials, as well as the most advanced dental technologies in products, they have provided prestigious dental restorations and the best quality service in the dental sector in Vietnam.

Please see attached for more information about E-WIRE.