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[Technopark Introduction] National Information Technology Park (NITP), Mongolia

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National Information Technology Park (NITP), Mongolia

Digital development accelerator of the Grand Steppe

About NITP

NITP has been the leading organization in IT sector of Mongolia to contribute in the development of Information Technology sector. NITP's main activities are to implement a special program accelerating start-ups which create innovation, operate an information technology incubator, introduce internationally qualified training and examination system to improve IT human resource competency in both public and private sector to meet the world-class demand.


To become a technology park which provides with integrated service of e-development.


Become internaionally recognized core organization by doing activities:

Introduce and support start-ups and high technologies /

Educate skilled human resources /

Improve ecosystem of the industry

NITP Business


NITP was originally established with the aim of supporting new businesses with new idea and new technology. Now we are mainly focusing activities on providing companies and individuals with complex support on management as well as the facilities to guide them to produce national brand product and compete in both domestic and global market.

Science and Technology Shop

NITP has also shop named Technology, Innovation shop aimed to introduce and spread information of new product and services to the public which is being developed by research and development of their start-ups and researchers.

Research and Development

The National Information Technology Park constantly conducts IT and cross-sectoral research globally with the purpose to keep pace with the development of the global IT industry by studying successfully implemented major projects and best practices in the IT sector. Best on the research result we build up trustful relationship with the organization and expats of developed countries to cooperate with them in wide range of business.

International Examinations

< Information Technology Engineers Examination (ITEE) >

ITEE is established first in 1969 in Japan. From the year 2000 it has become international examination system with mutual authentication in 12 countries in Asian region to establish united standard of the IT engineer’s skill. Main purpose of the ITEE is to improve IT professionals’ skills, determine the level of skills required for each major in IT field, to set realistic criteria for assessing the skills of IT engineers, and to improve employment condition of good engineers in society.

National Information Technology Park became an official examination center in 2006 and has now introduced Level I, II and III examinations in Mongolia.

< Test of Practical Competency in ICT (TOPCIT) >

The TOPCIT is the examination system aimed to assess the professional skills of engineers, technicians and software developers working in the information technology field, establish a testing system that meets international standards, and to establish a training and examination system based on advanced technology and methodology.

< International Computer Driving License (ICDL) >

ICDL certification is the globally recognized information and communication technology (ICT) and digital literacy qualification. NITP is also the accredited testing center of ICDL.


Since 2006, NITP has been successfully organizing trainings for IT education to the general public as well as the specialized trainings for IT professionals.

From 2014, they expanded the training activities and as part of that we have established 2 training halls with a capacity of 100-120 people (182sqm) and 20 people (49sqm) which meet the latest standards. There is also a 115sqm, 30-seat library for students for exercising their knowledge, and it has more than 1,500 printed and electronic books, including a basic information technology handbook, technology books and magazines.

NITP is licensed organization to conduct professional training and education and has many skilled teachers from universities and private sectors. Currently the main topics of the trainings are business intelligence, System administration and Database which are the trends now.

Project / Programs

In 2020, the IT Hub + book project was implemented, which aims to resolve the IT sector's critical issues by integrating multi-stakeholders and enabling them to share resources they have within the community. The hub has 145sqm space equipped with modern, innovative, stylish and comfortable working environment such as conference room for 5-7 people, a discussion space for 20-30 people, a workshop hall, a joint office with a recreation area. The other feature of this facility is it has its own library with 3000 books, magazines available in Mongolian and English in 600 fields.

NITP is under development of following projects to implement in near future as part of expanding the activities.

· Sharable studio to support start-ups

· Program to grow up competitive entrepreneurs

· International research, training and examination center

· Digital environment protection to protect environment by taking advantage of IT technology

Foreign Relations

Since its establishment in 2002, NITP has been cooperating with many foreign organizations from all over the world such as doing membership activities, organizing international conference and seminars, improving human resource skills by involving trainees in international seminars as well as implementing projects and programs.

NITP's Partners

  • Information Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
  • Asian Science Park Association (ASPA)
  • National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA)
  • National Business Incubation Association
  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
  • Institute for Information & Communications Technology Promotion (IITP)
  • ACE Singapore
  • Indian Economic and Technical Cooperation (ITEC)

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