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ITRI Exhibited Innovations and Technologies at CES 2021

관리자 2021.01.22 14:22

ITRI Exhibited Innovations and Technologies at CES 2021

ITRI launched virtual pavilion and demonstrated innovations and technologies

e-health wearable technologies

1. iCardioGuard for long-term real-time monitoring of physiological and psychological status for home and elderly care;

2. Heart Guardian for continuous real-time monitoring of patients with heart disease;

3. iSmartweaR for measuring physiological conditions including heart rate and respiratory rate using smart textiles; and

4. iDarlingWeaR for infant healthcare featuring ITRI's harmless low-power radar sensing technology.

e-health Monitoring and Inspection Innovations

1. In-Sleep Target Memory Consolidation Technology that strengthens memory of selected subjects;

2. Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography system, the first handheld non-invasive OCT system to analyze subsurface skin structures and detect collagen distribution in the dermis layer;

3. Handheld Ultrasound System for performing ultrasound exams anywhere, anytime;

4. Measurement Technique for Lumbar Spine X-Ray Images to reduce time and labor for lumbar spine X-ray interpretation;

5. AI Decision Support Technology of Fundus Image in Diabetes Mellitus for early detection and timely treatment of diabetic retinopathy (DR).

Technologies include Robot and Battery Management System, etc

1. Dual Arm Robot System (DARS), a robot with human-like arms and hands developed to serve multiple applications in healthcare, professional services, smart manufacturing and hazardous environments without using specifically designed tools;

2. Self-Learning Battery Management System, the first to use self-learning algorithms to monitor, regulate and accurately calculate in real time the energy consumption and remaining capacity of electric vehicle batteries, thus helping reduce range anxiety;

3. UVC LED Water Sterilizer System HydroNovation, a portable water sterilization system effective in destroying and deactivating pathogens to supply safe drinking water for emergency support, disaster rescue and areas of poor sanitation.

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