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Business Meeting ASIA

Result of Business Meeting ASIA 2020_Online, Turkey

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Business Meeting ASIA 2020_Online, Turkey

Turkey-Korea online business meeting

September 3rd, 2020


On 3rd September, ASPA held Turkey-Korea online business meeting to help local SMEs struggling with entering overseas markets due to the prolongation of COVID-19 .

Business Meeting ASIA 2020_Online, Turkey was held online between Turkey and Korea using the ‘ZOOM’ software platform that enables us to do video conference with real-time. The companies from both countries in the field of Machinery, Automotive Parts, ICT, Electrics/Electronics and Medical / Healthcare participated in this event. The event was co-organized by Asian Science Park Association, Gyeongbuk Institute of IT Convergence Industry Technology (GITC), Gumi Electronics & Information Technology Research Institute (GERI), Gyeongbuk Technopark (GBTP), INNOPOLIS Foundation, Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute (KIAPI) with Daegu Metropolitan City supporting the event. Also, three of ASPA's organization members that are Teknopark Istanbul, Istanbul Teknokent, and Canakkale Teknopark helped the event have more Turkish companies participated. Thus, the 15 promising companies from Korea who would like to expand their business in Turkish market and 47 buyers from Turkey had the business meeting with each other.

Opening Ceremony

Business Meeting ASIA 2020_Online, Turkey started with the welcome speech by Dr. Sunkook Kwon, Secretary-General of ASPA, and Mr. Yuguen Bae, CEO of Doowon TEG Inc., representing participating companies.

After the welcome speech, we had a guest speaker Mr. Il-Han Yoon, CEO of Foresight TnC which specializes in trade and consulting between Turkey and Korea. As a Turkish naturalized in Korea who is doing business in Korea now, he was the suitable speaker for this event since he is well aware of the market conditions and trends in both countries. He gave a speech about the successful and failure cases of foreign companies entered the Turkish market and other useful information when doing the business with Turkish companies. The presentation was practical and helpful for the Korean participants who would like to trade with the buyers in Turkey.

<Dr. Sunkook Kwon, Secretary-General of ASPA>

<Mr. Yuguen Bae, CEO of Doowon TEG Inc.>

< Mr. Il-Han Yoon, CEO of Foresight TnC>

Online Business Meeting

The online business meeting session was followed after the opening ceremony.

The Korean participants had a short discussion with the interpreters who were assigned in Turkey first, and then had pre-arranged business meetings online with the related local Turkish companies. Due to the time difference between Turkey and Korea, the event was totally focused on the business meeting by reducing the other sessions as much as possible. Despite being ASPA's first online event, Business Meeting ASIA 2020_Online, Turkey ended successfully thanks to the cooperation of the participants and co-organizers of the both countries.

(**The event proceeded in compliance with the quarantine guidelines and the social distancing regulation of the government.)

We would like to thank all the participants again for making our event even more valuable

and look forward to a lot of interest and participation of companies in the next Business Meeting ASIA.