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Mr. Yang Young-Chul takes over as the 9th Chairman of JDC

관리자 2022.04.21 14:45

Mr. Yang Young-Chul takes over as the 9th Chairman of JDC

<Inauguration Ceremony at the JDC Headquarters>

Mr. Yang Young-Chul, a former professor of public administration at Jeju National University, took office as chairman of the Jeju Free International Development Center in March.

Mr. Yang previously held public offices in Jeju serving as a member of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Promotion Committee of the Prime Minister's Office, and non-executive director of JDC. He is an administrative specialist with a high understanding of JDC and Jeju community. Mr. Yang also served as a member of the President’s Local Autonomy Development Committee and the head of the autonomous police TF team, and the president of the Korean Association of Local Autonomy.

ASPA Secretariat would like to congratulate his inauguration on behalf of all the ASPA members and hope he can share a variety of experiences of JDC for the establishment of a global level of international free city at ASPA activities.

Meanwhile, JDC, one of board members of ASPA, will host the 25th ASPA Annual Conference in October, 2022. The details will be announced soon.

ASPA Secretariat visited JDC on 26th April and discuss the details regarding the event with Mr. Yang as well as working-level officials. Since the quarantine immigration regulations of each countries seem to have been eased these days, it is expected that ASPA members and many related experts all over the world get interested hoping to participate in this conference.

We look forward to the 25th ASPA Annual Conference in Jeju, Korea a big success!