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[STP Introduction] Sialkot Technology Park, Pakistan

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“Turning Idea into Business - Idea to Market”


Sialkot Technology Park – USKT is tossed to stimulate Research, innovation, Commercialization and entrepreneurship by developing technology ideas into products, processes and services for commercial utilization and development of society. To accomplish its goals, STP at ORIC-BIC-CICS will facilitate with incubating innovative technologies into profitable businesses by admitting incubatees in STP and providing them physical, networking and technical services and support.

STP agrees to incubate startup at STP-USKT. It will promote, acquire and incubate novel technology and business ideas into viable commercial products and services. STP may identify and associate professionals for Technical, Mechanical and legal and management expertise on a part-time basis. Incubatees/accelerators can avail of their services on prescribed charges. STP incubates, trains, mentors and invests in potential business.

<vision>      “Developing Sialkot as Innovative District”

<mission>   “Providing Ecosystem for 10X Growth of Sialkot”

Major Services for Startups

STP incubus, trains, mentors and invests in potential business.

STP provides legal, financial, and enterprise development services.

STP facilitates for lab work, pilot production, and marketing.

STP: Expertise

STP Expertise in different academic, research and practical fields are shared as follows;

  ▷ Academia

      – 10+ Collaborated Universities

  ▷ R&D Labs

      R&D labs working under the STP umbrella are shortlisted below;

      – High Performance Computing Centre

      – Health-Care and Rehabilitation

      – Mechanical Simulation and Modeling

      – Electrical Engineering

      The two main lab under IoT focused – STP includes,

      – Development Lab

      – IoT Lab

  ▷ Research Team

      – 10 + Ph.D.

      – 30 + Engineers and Developers

  ▷ Collaborators

      – Barcelona Supercomputing Center

      – Center of Excellence New Zeland Center of Chiropractic

      – University of Valencieance

      – Pakistan Supercomputing Center

  ▷ Startups: 10

      – Biomedical Health-care

      – Computing and IT

      – Mechanical and Simulation

<Environmental Sustainability>

Environmental sustainability is another main focus of STP. STP will work to encounter the environmental challenges hindering the technology innovation and implication.

<On-Going Science & Technology Innovation and Research>







High Performance Computing Applications

<Synergy of Technology Pakr>

The synergy of Sialkot Technology Park revolves around five main aspects. This includes academia consortium, funding agencies, collaborators, business and industry and other support services.


Sialkot Technology Park

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