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First cohort of startups graduates from NSTP’s pre-incubator Hatch 8

관리자 2021.02.26 17:33

First cohort of startups graduates from NSTP’s pre-incubator Hatch 8

- Hatch 8 programme of NSTP offers a unique ecosystem to early stage stat-ups that ensures development of entrepreneurs and their businesses

- The programme covers 163 hours of lectures, 52 sessions, 15 courses spanned across 5 core areas per cohort

- Innovative tech start-ups aligned with UN SDGs are incubated at Hatch 8, which aim to improve the society – both socially and economically

Early in the beginning of 2020, the world of entrepreneurs was faced by market instability and uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Like the rest of the world, the innovation team at NSTP faced similar challenges during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the team tackled the challenges head-on by taking several measures to mitigate the risk of mortality of newly formed start-ups at Hatch 8, NSTP’s pre-incubation programme. The team actively readjusted the way the organization operated. As part of the adjustment, wherever possible, programme’s components were taken online.

Hatch 8 programme of NSTP offers a unique ecosystem to idea-stage or very early stage startups that ensures development of entrepreneurs and their businesses, by aiding them in idea-validation through development of their prototypes. It is a 5-month cohort, run twice a year, offering free space along with a comprehensive regimen of entrepreneurial skills and business acumen development trainings. However, due to Covid-19 the cohort was given additional time to adjust to the new realities of the prevalent environment.

During the incubation, the innovation team at NSTP focused on helping the start-ups understand their customers and the landscape, especially exacerbated by the pandemic, make key decisions based on data, and solve societal problems through the use of disruptive technologies.

After rigorous training and mentoring sessions at the Park, 9 startups were ready for graduation. Out of the graduating startups, won the Outstanding Achiever award whereas Intoit and LoadEx won the High Achiever and Best Performer awards respectively. Some of these graduates also secured space in NSTP’s next stage incubator, Cube 8, whereas one even transitioned straight away into an NSTP Hi-tech SME.

The tech startups spanned a wide array of themes ranging from AutoTech, EnergyTech, HealthTech and SmartTech , among others. Brief intros of the graduating startups are given below:


LoadEx offers a smart, low cost, logistic vehicle-pooling platform that helps deliver commodities efficiently and reliably. Their service, accessible through web and a bespoke mobile app, helps in relocation of households, offices, apartments and moving machinery or freight.


Intoit, a tourism-tech solution, helps people explore different areas of Pakistan and guide them through the detailed cultural experiences within a certain budget. It aids users to choose and/or design trips to locations availing best of locales and culinary delights.

Vyro. ai specializes in mobile technology and deep learning related applications. Their products include a variety of photo editors including Art Filters, Photo Editor, Bokeh Effect, and Neon effect background, soaring on Google Play Store presently.


AVITec, and AR/VR tech product, is a glove-based controller designed for the virtual world. They aim to provide an immersive and realistic experience that allows users to control their virtual worlds, solving problems of engineers, doctors, professionals and students.

Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is an AI based company that will help diabetic patients take sugar reading in a cost effective, efficient and painless way.


Blockute provides a drop n’ drag interface to allow users to create a custom private block chain network system without intensive coding and configuration.


VidIt is a social networking application that allows users to communicate, innovate ideas, opinions, emotars, videos and other online activities.

Smartup Technologies

Smartup Technologies is a peer-to-peer commuter-matching carpool app providing a secure ride-sharing experience.


RAAR is a transport facility company, in which users are able to rent electric bikes through their app, and pay on an hourly basis.