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[Focus on Asian Company] PT. Powertech Nano Industry, Indonesia

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Power Group

Power Group is engaged in the research, production and contractor services for waterproofing nanotechnology applications in the construction sector.

The Power Group currently consists of:

    1. PT. Powertech Nano Industry

        (Research, development and production of Nanotechnology products.)

    2. PT. Powertech Mitra Asia

        (Contracting service for waterproofing specialist.)

Starting with running a residential waterproofing service business, now the Power Group is developing by providing complete waterproofing solutions to clients for office buildings, malls, hospitals, factories, both private and government throughout Indonesia. In fact, several buildings in Jakarta have positioned the Power Group to be part of their building maintenance.


Powertech is specialized company for producing waterproofing products for material construction.

They have over 3 years of experiences in doing roof coating and waterproofing project for high rise

buildings, government projects such as with Research and Development Center for Road and

Bridge -Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (housing, streets and bridges).




Bitumen Nano is

is an emulsion modified asphalt-based coating with special formula that applies nanotechnology so that it can penetrate the pores and stick to the media hence it protects the building from seeping and leaking very well.

Nano Paint

is an innovative product paint using nanotechnology, which is the latest innovation in the paint industry. The advantages of nanotechnology make the paint more tightly attached to the pores of the wall, the paint will last longer and have water repellent properties. It can be used for walls, concrete, ceilings, pillars, or other media both indoors and outdoors.


Address: Gedung TBIC Puspiptek No. 10.1,

                 Zona Bisnis Teknologi Kawasan Puspiptek,

                 Jl. Raya Puspiptek, Serpong

Tel.: +62-811-1777-2999