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[Focus on Asian Company] ECINU CO., LTD. (Aquarium system / Republic of Korea)

관리자 2021.01.13 13:58


ECINU is specialized in the aquarium IoT technology focusing on the development of the remote control devices and system which monitor the inside of the aquarium and control the supply of CO2. ECINU continuously invests in and makes efforts to introduce a new technology. It is how they deliver the trustworthy service to the customers.

Main Products

1. Automated Feeding Device 

Feeding control system makes it possible to adjust the feeding amount and time through smart phone.

It is possible to manage the problem of missing the time of feeding due to schedule and manage the amount of feeding with remote control at one time.

2. VR Observation Camera

Internal observation of the aquarium remotely through a 360 degree camera.

It is possible to externally observe whether there Is a problem with an aquarium fish or an aquarium environment in person by using a 360 degree remote VR camera.

3. CO2 Control Device

EG-301 which creates the optimal aquarium environment with PH sensor connection and scheduling.

EG-301, CO2 automatic control device recognized as the patent in Korea, USA and China. Connecting the amount of gas supply and measurement to

the IoT technology enables active control, creating an aquarium environment with the best conditions.

4. Remote Control Outlet

Power saving possible by controlling the power of the connected multi-tab.

You can turn the necessary part on and off remotely according to the situation and manage your aquarium efficiently

through remote controllable multi-tap and lighting equipment.

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