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[Focus on Asian Company] SEZUAL LLC (a tenant company of ASTANA Hub, Kazakhstan)

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SEZUAL LLC was founded to provide assistive device for the blind and visually impaired people to navigate without external assistance. The Company received grants funding within World Bank Fostering Productive Innovation Project and went through acceleration program at Nazarbayev University.

SEZUAL's technology was selected by the leading experts of International Science and Commercialization Board from US, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. The project team went through acceleration program at Nazarbayev University. Technology brokers of the Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals provide business development support for SEZUAL's global expansion.


1. SEZUAL Echolocator

SEZUAL Echolocator is an assistive device for blind and visually impaired people to fully navigate in open space without external assistance. The device emits a specific high-pulse click reflecting back from the surrounding objects to provide information on their shape, material and distance to them. Returning echo activates the visual processing area in the brain of trained echolocator.

SEZUAL device allows blind people:

- Easily learn echolocation in 2 months

- To feel the form of the objects

- Understand the structure the objects (wood, plastic, metal glass etc.)

- Freely navigate in the area

- Freely walk among moving objects

- Navigate in full darkness

- Feel the objects behind the walls

**Articles and videos on SEZUAL Echolocator:






2. Braille Tutorial

SEZUAL’s Braille tutoring device can teach students Braille alphabet in the period as short as just three months. It is of especially high relevance for children with visual impairments during the quarantine.

As of today, SEZUAL’s self-voiced Braille learning device is the only ST-KZ certified device that can teach the Kazakh alphabet in Braille script.

The self-tutoring device received an official state recommendation for use after demonstration at school No. 10 with typhlo-pedagogues, specialists educating and rehabilitating children with visual impairment, and late blindness. In addition to Kazakh, children can learn to read in many other languages with the device. It can also teach children to read Russian, English, and Chinese, among other alphabets and scripts.

**Article on Braille Tutorial:


SEZUAL device was shown to the political leadership of Kazakhstan and further support is secured.

SEZUAL signed the MoU with the local development institution in Kazakhstan on attracting investments.

SEZUAL was selected to become the resident of Astana Hub International IT hub and received tax exemptions


SEZUAL device was shown to French company CECIAA with over 30 years of experience in typhlodevices.

The company confirmed the novelty of proposed invention.

Please download the attached materials to learn more about SEZUAL!

You can visit SEZUAL's website to click the below image.