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[Focus on Asian Company] W-SCOPE Corporation (Electronic Devices / Japan)

관리자 2020.06.18 14:22

W-Scope is · · · .

Specialist manufacture of membrane that is needed for living.

Membrane film is a polyolefin sheet with multiple micropores. It is used as a filter for it can control flow of substances and ion by changing the size of pores.

Manufacture of a core material needed for lithium ion battery.

We employed wet production method to produce thinner film without lacking physical strength. Our film is used in lithium-ion secondary battery that demands durability and reliability.

Rapid growth along with penetration of lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion battery is used in variety of application, starting from mobile phones, digital cameras, smartphones and electric vehicles. Growing industries cannot do without lithium-ion batteries in any point in time. Our strength lies in our ability to provide unique ideas and customised services depending on each client’s needs.


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