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ISTT Tenant Company Designs Smart Monitoring System for COVID-19

관리자 2020.05.13 09:36

ISTT Tenant Company Designs Smart Monitoring System for COVID-19


Vira Vision a tenant company at Isfahan Science and Technology Town has designed and successfully launched a smart system that monitors and analyses the health of employees in different organizations. This unique system has been implemented in several organizations including the Electricity Distribution Organization and Dr. Sharifi Laboratories in Isfahan.

Each individual can enter their ID number on this website and receive a health monitoring form which includes a number of questions regarding to their overall health. This process is repeated on a daily basis building a health data base for that person.

All personal information including, identity, health status and its respective data and analysis is available and controlled on the managerial panel of the website.

The website automatically analyses all the data gathered each day thus monitoring their general health. It can also asses the overall health of the employees including the number of suspicious, contaminated, healthy individuals and those employees that have not filled in the form in the organization. If the need arises appropriate measures can then be taken upon receiving these results.

The website automatically alerts employees who have not filled in their forms to complete and determine their health status.

The website has been turned into an application as well to increase user friendliness. Now users can easily install the app on their smart phones and do their daily routine check-up in no time at all.